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Hello and Welcome!!!

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Hello and Welcome to the Best of the Manosphere.

This site is designed to be the essential gateway to the best posts, topics and sites.

How can I say it’ll be the essential gateway? Well the results on this site are designed to be user-generated. It’s up to YOU to vote for the best of the best in the Manosphere.

It’s up to YOU to decide how good each post is. Consequently, you can vote as many times as you want on each poll. If you think that a post is good enough to sit there and click ‘Vote’ 20 times, then it deserves to be rated higher.

If you haven’t read all the topics or don’t feel confident enough to vote, just click ‘See Results’. That way you’ll be seeing the user-generated recommended Best of the Manosphere.

Now the posts, topics and blogs that I’ve put up so far are just my initial thoughts.

  • Think that I haven’t included an essential post?  Add it.
  • Can’t believe I left our your favourite site? Add it in.
  • Think that I’m missing a topic? Tell me and I’ll add it.

I don’t mean disrespect to anyone that I haven’t included. That’s why all the polls are open to ADD YOUR OWN MATERIAL.

I just ask that you follow the format: Author – Title of Posts – Web Address when you do so.

Looking forward to your feedback and votes!

George –


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